Hawaiʻi Republican Party

Meet Our Team

Executive Committee Members

Lynn Finnegan

State Chair

Joel Borgquist

Vice Chair of Coordinated Campaigns

Mele Songsong

Executive Director & Secretary

Diamond Garcia

Vice Chair of Candidate Recruitment & Training

Lani Kaaa

Vice Chair of Communications

Jeffrey Coakley

Vice Chair of Community Service

Henry Vincent III

Vice Chair of Coalitions

Steve Holck


Honolulu County Chairman – Brett Kulbis

East-HI County Chairman – Kahiolani Papalimu 

West-HI County Chairman – Dalene McCormick 

Maui County Chairman – Tamara McKay

Kauai County Chairman- Ana Mohamad

National Committee Man – Gene Ward

National Committee Woman – Laura Nakanelua

Immediate Past Chair – Signe Godfrey

Elected Officials

Val Okimoto

House Minority Leader

Lauren Matsumoto

House Minority Floor Leader

Gene Ward

House Minority Policy Leader

Bob McDermott

Kurt Fevella

Senate Minority Leader

Resolutions Committee Chairman

Doug Dudevoir
Rules Committee ChairmanCelyn Chong Kee
Finance ChairVACANT
District 1 ChairmanMarie Ruhland
District 2 ChairmanDonald Decleene
District 3 ChairmanSusan Hughes
District 4 ChairmanVACANT 
District 5 ChairmanRay Engel
District 6 Chairman Leo Dodier
District 7 ChairmanCameron Hewines
District 8 ChairmanJennifer Hunt
District 9 ChairmanArsenio Amorio
District 10 ChairmanDebbie Wyand
District 11 ChairmanPatti Domingo
District 12 ChairmanStar Fernandez
District 13 ChairmanLei Fagan
District 14 ChairmanTom Stanton
District 15 ChairmanAnnie Reynolds
District 16 ChairmanShyla Moon
District 17 ChairmanJulie McKee
District 18 ChairmanSteve Lipscomb
District 19 Chairman

Honorable Patricia F. Saiki

District 20 ChairmanTrue St Thomas
District 21 ChairmanGilbert Phillips
District 22 ChairmanEileen Spampata
District 23 Chairman Neal Okada 
District 24 Chairman Ron Young
District 25 ChairmanCelyn Chong Kee
District 26 ChairmanAsia La Vonne
District 27 ChairmanWendy Balidoy 
District 28 ChairmanElmer Domingo
District 29 ChairmanRobert Stantillan
District 30 ChairmanPeter Finnegan
District 31 ChairmanEric Ching
District 32 ChairmanDennis Egge
District 33 ChairmanAvis Largey
District 34 ChairmanPatricia Beekman
District 35 ChairmanJosiah Araki
District 36 ChairmanSusan 'Kuka' Broussard
District 37 ChairmanEmil Svrcina
District 38 ChairmanVACANT
District 39 ChairmanAnna Odom
District 40 ChairmanVACANT
District 41 ChairmanVACANT
District 42 ChairmanVernon Ford 
District 43 ChairmanJoseph Akana
District 44 ChairmanThomas Ryan
District 45 ChairmanCrystal Scurr
District 46 ChairmanKarl Dicks 
District 47 ChairmanArt Hanneman
District 48 ChairmanVACANT
District 49 ChairmanAdriel Lam
District 50 ChairmanCorinne Waterhouse 
District 51 ChairmanVACANT
OLRW Chairman Shirlene Ostrov
HFRW ChairmanDonna Van Osdol
Young Republicans Dylan Andrion 
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